PKL at a glance valid as of 01.01.2023

Pension plans

  • The pension solution offered by PKL comprises a basic plan and a supplementary plan.

Basic plan

  • A maximum salary of CHF 235,200 can be insured under the basic plan.  
  • Upon retirement, the plan makes provision for a retirement pension, with the option of a lump-sum withdrawal. It also covers risk benefits (pensions / lump-sum death benefit) in the event of death or disability.

Supplementary plan

  • The supplementary plan insures that part of the salary that exceeds the salary that is already insured under the basic plan (up to a maximum of CHF 882,000).
  • Upon retirement, the plan makes provision for a retirement pension or a lump-sum withdrawal. Benefits for death and disability are also insured.


  • The lion's share of the contribution to the Pension Fund consists of savings contributions that are credited to the insured person's individual account. A smaller share of the contribution goes to the Pension Fund's risk fund, as insured persons are also covered for the risks of death and disability.

Employee contributions under the standard plan:

  • Possibility of voluntary elective plans: additional savings contributions of +2% or +4%.

Employer contributions

  • The employer contribution amounts to 1.5 times the employee contribution (ratio of 60:40).


Detailed descriptions of the individual benefits can be found via the following link:


You can find an overview of your personal benefits in the portal for insured persons.


Here you can download an overview of Lonza's pension plans.

Vorsorgepläne der Lonza im Überblick (DE)

Lonza pension plans at a glance (EN)