What are my options?

Upon retirement, the calculation of the retirement benefits is based on the individually accrued retirement savings. At PKL, the accrued retirement savings can be paid out upon retirement in part or in full as a lump sum or as a lifelong pension.

At present, the regular retirement age of PKL for men is 65, and age 64 for women. According to the regulations that are currently in force, early retirement is possible from the age of 60. Withdrawal of the retirement benefits can be determined individually, i.e. the insured person can choose between a lump sum and a pension. The insured person can also decide freely and independently whether they want to draw a bridging pension. 

FAQs | frequently asked questions

How is my pension calculated?

At the time of regular retirement, the retirement pension is calculated by multiplying the accrued retirement savings with the regulatory conversion rates.

Accrued retirement savings * conversion rate = annual retirement pension

In the event of early retirement, the retirement pension is reduced accordingly.

Who can I contact to request an individual calculation and individual advice?

You can contact the pension fund employees directly for the preparation of an individual early retirement calculation and for individual advice.

To do this, you can use the contact form or send us an email (

Can I withdraw part or all of my retirement savings as a lump sum rather than a pension?

Instead of the entire retirement pension, the insured person may - subject to the provisions of the currently valid pension regulations - request the payment of part or all of the existing retirement assets as a lump sum. In the case of retirement in partial steps, a maximum of three lump-sum withdrawals are possible.

How long does the option for choosing between a lump sum and a pension apply?

You can choose between a retirement pension or a lump-sum payment until the first retirement benefits are paid out.

How much is the AHV bridging pension?

Subject to the following restrictions, the AHV bridging pension can be chosen freely:

  • The maximum AHV retirement pension may not be exceeded.
  • The retirement pension from the pension fund may not be reduced by more than one-third of the retirement pension that was originally insured.

Is it possible for me to take partial retirement?

Yes, partial retirement is possible. The degree of retirement is determined by the ratio of the salary reduction to the salary immediately prior to partial retirement. The first partial retirement step is at least 20%. A total of three partial retirement steps are possible. A reduction is excluded.

Is it possible to draw a bridging pension until I reach regular retirement age?

If you take early retirement, you have the option of also drawing an AHV bridging pension from the pension fund until you reach regular retirement age. However, regardless of your number of service years, opting for an AHV bridging pension will further reduce the retirement pension.

Is it possible to postpone retirement beyond the normal retirement age of 65?

If the employment relationship with the employer contractually continues beyond the normal retirement age (65 years), the receipt of retirement benefits may be deferred until the definitive termination of the employment relationship, but no longer than until the first day of the month following the completion of the 70th year of age.

There is no obligation to pay contributions during the deferral period, but the pension fund can (continue to) provide for a contribution payment.

What are the disadvantages of taking early retirement at my own request?

Upon early retirement, the retirement pension that would have been due at the regular retirement age is reduced in accordance with the current version of the pension fund regulations as of the date of early retirement. If at this time the employee had worked for an employer affiliated with the pension fund for 26 or more years, they will receive a credit for this time in accordance with the current version of the pension fund regulations.

What impact will the result of the AHV reform vote (increase in the retirement age for women from 64 to 65) have on our plan?

The reference age for women and men will be set uniformly at 65 years in the AHV as a result of the reform. The increase in the reference age for women from 64 to 65 years will begin on 01.01.2025 (from the year of birth 1961) and will take place gradually by three months per year. Thus, a uniform reference age of 65 will apply to women and men from 2028, when AHV 21 comes into force in 2024. The pension fund's pension regulations are based on the same reference age as the AHV.

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What should I remember if I choose to take a lump sum?

If you decide in favour of a lump-sum payment, the "Capital option" form below must be completed and emailed to

If you are married, your spouse must also sign the form to indicate their consent. The spouse's signature must be certified.

Kapitaloption (DE)

Capital option (EN)

When can I take retirement at PKL?

At present, the reference age is 65 for men and for women. During the implementation of the AHV21 revision, there is a transition phase from 2024 - 2028 (see following question).

It is possible to take early retirement at your own request five years before the reference age. Applications for early retirement must be submitted in writing to the PKL at least 12 months in advance.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my pension certificate?

Please contact the pension fund employees directly if you have any questions about your pension certificate.

To do this, you can use the contact form or send us an email (