Benefits by PKL

Here you will find an overview of the benefits paid by PKL

In Switzerland, the pension system covering the risks of old age, death and disability is borne by different pillars in accordance with the three-pillar principle. The first pillar consists of state pension provision and comprises the AHV/IV, ALV and EO. The second pillar is the employee benefits insurance. Here, a distinction is made between mandatory employee benefits insurance (i.e. the statutory minimum pursuant to the BVG) and the extra-mandatory employee benefits insurance (i.e. benefits that exceed the statutory minimum). The third pillar consists of personal retirement provision and is intended to supplement insurance cover in accordance with the insured person's individual requirements. The benefits by PKL cover the second pillar, also known as the occupational or employee benefits insurance.

Leaving the Pension Fund

What happens when you leave the Pension Fund?


What are my options?

WEF prepayment / pledging

What are my options?


What happens in the event of a divorce?


What happens if disability occurs?


What happens if death occurs?