Protection of the former director's villas in the Bäret quarter in Visp

The Lonza pension fund is planning to build a larger residential complex in the Bäret quarter in the centre of Visp to create attractive living space.

The historically valuable buildings along the cantonal road, the directors' villa and the two vice-directors' villas, are part of the overall concept.

These three villas have now been placed under protection by the cantonal office in cooperation with the municipality of Visp.

After Lonza moved its production plant from Gampel to Visp in 1907, the company built residential buildings for executives and workers. The director's villa was first built in the Bäret quarter in 1917, followed by a vice-director's double villa in 1926 and 1927. The buildings and their context are already listed in the Inventory of Swiss Sites of National Importance (ISOS). The updated inventory is based on these foundations and classifications.

The Lonza pension fund welcomes the protection and the associated preservation of these historic buildings. In addition to the renovation of the villas, attractive living space is to be created in the Bäret quarter in the future. The plan is to use sustainable construction methods that blend in with the existing townscape. The board of trustees of the pension fund will discuss the next steps of the project in the coming months.

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