Pension certificate 2022 and information about the Pension Fund's annual financial statements

Pension certificates 2022 and information about the Pension Fund sent to all insured persons

The personal pension certificate was sent to the insured persons by post after the 2022 salary and wage round. This opportunity was also used to inform the insured persons about important matters relating to the Lonza Pension Fund.

Sample certificate (EN)

Information about the pension certificate (EN)

Interest on retirement savings

PKL's Board of Trustees decided to pay 1.75% interest (BVG interest 1.0%) on the retirement savings of the active insured persons for 2021. The total retirement savings, i.e. the mandatory (BVG) assets as well as the extra-mandatory assets, earned interest at 1.75%.

For the current year, interest of 1.0% will be paid initially (equals the BVG interest rate for mandatory retirement savings for 2022). The Board of Trustees will decide about the final interest rate for 2022 as soon as the investment performance for 2022 has been calculated.

Information about the registration of a civil partnership

Unmarried insured persons can register a civil partnership with PKL. You can find the details in Art. 26 and Art. 28 of the current version of the pension fund regulations. If this is required, the insured person must inform PKL about the cohabiting partner during their lifetime. You can find the applicable form under Regulations & forms.

Partial liquidation of Arxada Ltd & Arxada Services Ltd as at 31/12/2022

The active insured persons of Arxada Ltd and Arxada Services Ltd will leave PKL on 31/12/2022 and transfer to their own pension fund. Current pensioners and a defined interim generation will remain with PKL. Arxada Ltd and Arxada Services Ltd will terminate the current affiliation contracts with effect from this date. The relevant information will be provided to the Arxada employees by Arxada and to the persons insured with PKL by PKL in good time.