AHV21 Revision – Impact on the Lonza Pension Fund (PKL)

On 25 September 2022, the Swiss electorate approved the reform to stabilize the AHV (AHV21). The reform goes into effect on 01 January 2024 and has an impact on the Lonza Pension Fund. The main changes are:

- the regular retirement age is now referred to as "reference age"

- the reference age will be gradually increased for women from the current age of 64 to 65

There are also further adjustments that are relevant for PKL. The Board of Trustees of the Lonza Pension Fund has adapted its pension fund regulations to the new AHV regulations as of 01.01.2024. It can be found under "Regulations & Forms". You will also find a presentation on the changes here:

Presentation for insured employees

Women in the transition generation affected by the changes will be informed individually by the Lonza Pension Fund.

Lonza Pension Fund