Governing and executive bodies

Organisational chart

Board of Trustees

Employer representatives:
  • Walter Fux (Chairman of the Board of Trustees*)
  • Viktor Dick
  • Michael Stanek
  • Matthias Wagner
  • Pending

*The position of Chairman is taken alternatively by an employer and an employee representative every three years.

Employee representatives:
  • Matthias Schaub (Vizepr√§sident)
  • Helmut Dini
  • Andreas Imstepf
  • Martin Kalbermatter
  • Willy Venetz

Controlling Committee

  • Matthias Schaub
  • Michael Stanek
  • Willy Venetz

Investment Committee

  • Walter Fux
  • Bernhard Stoffel
  • Matthias Wagner
  • Philippe Wirth